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Welcome to Shape Dynamics

Our mission is to explore and develop technologies based on three dimensional body shape analysis that assist with health & fitness management and enhance sports performance.

We provide health centres and sports clubs with our latest technology to assess, monitor and analyse the 3D body shape of an individual as defined by their 3D body scan or collection of body measurements.

Our technology allows minute changes in body shape to be detected through tracked 3D body shapes or measurements, and therefore provides a more detailed assessment of body shape for health, fitness and sport.

Health and Lifestyle System

The Health and Lifestyle System is used to monitor wellness and assist with weight management by using three dimensional body scanning for analysis and visualisation.


Shape Synthesizer

Want to know what you would look like if you lost a stone? The Shape Synthesizer can show you based on our advanced body shape modelling techniques and even compare you to your current shape.


Scanner Interfaces

The most accurate body shapes come from body scanners. Shape Dynamics can interface with these body scanners to capture body shape.


Shape Dynamics are proud to partner with

Health & Lifestyle System v1.0 Launches

Shape Dynamics has released the Health & Lifestyle System v1.0 for trial. Please contact our sales team to register for a trial.
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Shape Dynamics Launched

Shape Dynamics is launched with a goal to provide the market with bespoke software products to aid the assessment and analysis of body shape in health and fitness industries.
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