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 Health and Lifestyle System

Shape Dynamics Health and Lifestyle System is used to monitor wellness and assist with weight management by using three dimensional body scanning for analysis and visualisation.

The system is able to display your three dimensional body scan data and extract measurements from the scan such as neck, chest and waist girth. Percentage water mass, height, weight and BMI can also be calculated and recorded. Previously acquired scans can be displayed side by side so that shape change and weight management can be monitored.

All data is securely stored and can be accessed either at the scanner or in a remote location for offline analysis. A print out of the three dimensional shape and measurements is also available via our portal.

Body shapes can be shown as solid rendered 3D objects or as transluscent surfaces that can be overlayed when comparing shapes. The 3D view can be rotated to any angle and zoomed. We also offer some standard views such as top, left and side for easy viewing.

Below are two examples of body scans rendering transluscently in a top, left and side view:



We extract a set of 6 key measurements from a total of 130 measurements captured by the body scanner:


Two of the measurements have been entered manually - the height value captured by image-based body scanners is never accurate as it is very difficult to image human hair. We always recommend that height is measured using a calibrated height gauge. As the body scanner cannot measure weight, this must be captured with scales. It is possible to interface with some digital scales via a USB cable.

The system will calculate a series of ratios, such as BMI and hip-to-waist ratio:

The key measures can be compared to the averages for the UK population, so it is possible to see which percentile each key measure lies in:


Reports can be generated as PDF and MS Word files or can be printed directly to a printer from the software if they do not need to be saved:

If you would like more information or to arrange a demo, please contact our sales team.