Team Members

The following company members form the Shape Dynamics management team:

Michael Stead – Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Michael Stead has worked in the medical industry for over ten years as a clinical Radiographer and commercially in the medical devices industry. Most of his career has been focused on product management and operations, which has provided him with a broad experience of sales, marketing, product development, installation, maintenance, support and logistics.

Philip Treleaven – Chief Communications Officer

Philip Treleaven is Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Financial Computing Centre at UCL. Philip has co-founded a number of companies, including Bodymetrics and Sizemic. He is also the Director of the UK National Sizing Survey (SizeUK) which collects body shape information in collaboration with the UK Government, 17 major UK retails and academic institutions.

Mark Sinclair – Chief Technical Officer

Mark Sinclair has been involved in the fields of Image Processing, Computer Vision and Medical Imaging for the last 11 years. Mark has a keen interest in computer vision, imaging hardware, 3D graphics, software architecture and design patterns. Mark sat on the DICOM committee for Medical Imaging in Radiotherapy and IHE-RO Tech Committee for cross-vendor interoperability.

Anthony Ruto – Chief Science Officer

Anthony Ruto has been involved in the engineering of software for the 3D body scanning and entertainment industries for the past 13 years both academically and professionally. He has developed a range of technologies and infrastructure to satisfy requirements for the fashion, entertainment and medical industries.

The following members often contribute and assist with Shape Dynamics research at University College London:

Alex Matei

Alex Matei is a PhD student at UCL in the Department of Computer Science and has collaborate with Shape Dynamics in the capture of body shape information for a well-being survey in 2012. He continues to work collaboratively with Shape Dynamics on current research projects at the department and is a valued member of the team.